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Brahma Kumaris Meditation and Personal Development Association was established in 1999 in İstanbul. Brahma Kumaris is a non-profit organization and run by the volunteers.  The aim of the Association is to enable each and every individual to reach their highest potential and maintain a happy and peaceful life and share this with others and society.

The Association teaches that every individual has positive qualities and virtues within and can improve him/herself by applying them in daily life.

In addition to seminars about meditation, Brahma Kumaris also offers and presents various conferences and workshops in the field of personal development.  

The main office of the Association is in Şişli and there are two representative offices in İstanbul, one in Göztepe and the other in Kavacık. Seminars and workshops are also  available in Ankara and İzmir. For further information please contact the numbers as below:

İstanbul Şişli (main office)....


Kavacık ....

Ankara ....

İzmir ....


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